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    The Adidas range of bats offer stunning quality across the range. With its large swell and light pick-up, this bat is designed for power on the front foot. The XT 2.0 is capable of matching any bat in its range with its elegance, class and power.

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    The GLITZ Elite is a high end English Willow bat manufactured from Grade 2 clefts designed for top-level cricket. All SF bats are produced with a big profile incorporating thick edges, a long flowing spine and a huge bulge in the hitting area. Despite their massive imposing looks, these bats pick up and feel extremely light. Endorsed by Joe Burns of Australia.

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    EM may be a new brand in the market, but they have been in the business for a very long time producing for many other world-renowned brands.

    These bats are made from selected mid-range English Willow and have a huge profile with extremely thick edges and toe. Despite its big profile, these bats weigh and pick-up very light thanks to their well-balanced craftmanship. An Extremely good value-for-money bat, beating many other top brands in the same price range.

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    Our top-selling cricket bat in the Kasel range. Absolutely amazing performance to go with the very affordable price tag. Made from specially selected Grade 2 & 3 English Willow, this bat is picked and graded purely on performance. Very minor cosmetic blemish may be present however, the rebound will be stunning. Made and finished in the same high standards as all our Kasel bats. A higher middle provides a lighter pick-up and feel, while the oval handle allows for better control while striking the ball. Finished with our traditional BATIK labels which reflect the Malaysian heritage.

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    The PUMA Spike 22.2 is a high-performance all-rounder cricket spike. Manufactured from a soft comfortable upper with durable outer skin, this shoe has a traditional PUMA low-cut construction that allows free movement around the ankle.

    Lightweight EVA midsole and a high-performance rubber outsole fitted with metal spikes provide excellent cushioning and stability all day. Experience the confidence you will gain with firm, comfortable traction with every step you take.

    The professional choice !


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    Combining the function and comfort sought by every level of cricket player, the Elite All Rounder is a game changer. This shoe features a full-length F-Cell midsole primed for propulsion as you steal a quick single, take off into your coil at the crease or save the boundary. 3D SkinX technology will deliver durability, stretch and airflow exactly where you need it. With Newbery DuraTurf for superior grip and support, this cricket shoe helps deliver traction to bring out your elite performance.

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    A contemporary & stylish glove that offers great protection and comfort at the crease. Split fingers, 2 piece thumb, side bar protection and a double-sided wristband ticks all the major boxes.

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    Want to get someone a gift, but no idea what to buy? Look no further. Purchase our gift vouchers and let them decide for themselves what they want.

    Our Kasel vouchers are a great way to purchase credit which can be gifted to someone else to use at our store. It is a great idea for birthdays or awards at cricket tournaments.

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    Premium quality heavyduty fabric with DRIMAXX technology for ultimate player comfort. Elasticated waist and 2 side pockets.

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    Premium quality lightweight fabric with mesh ventilation panels for added playercomfort. DRIMAXX technology.

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    Super twill fabric provide optimum on-field player comfort. Fully elastic waist with drawstring waistband.

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    Holds 8 water bottles for easy portability during drinks break. Folds flat for easy storage and travel.
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    A hard cover scorebook with 100 Innings for the entire season.

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    A comfortable and stretchy DRI-FIT polyester arm sleeve, used while fielding to provide protection on the arms.

    Sold in a set of 2pcs.

    *This product is not eligible for exchange/returnable.

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    A soft fabric face mask to protect you from dust & germs.

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    An N95 certified mask with a valve for easy safe breathing while in use. Used to protect against dust & germs.