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    Original price was: RM170.00.Current price is: RM150.00.

    This FUSION stump is the most versatile, reliable and technologically advanced training stump available. Brilliant for fielding & wicket-keeping drills, match day warm up and slips practice. As used by most international team worldwide.

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    Original price was: RM120.00.Current price is: RM108.00.

    The FUSION shorty has been introduced due to popular demand. Measuring just 14″ in height, this stump is perfect for focusing bowlers & fielders at the base of the stump. Made from the same flexible material as the traditional FUSION stump which has a bolted spike at the base for easy use on outdoor grass fields.

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    Original price was: RM120.00.Current price is: RM108.00.

    A set of 3 spring loaded wooden stumps set on a sturdy cast iron base. Ideal for nets and junior cricket. Supplied with a set of bails.

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    Set of high-quality wooden stumps made from hardwood suitable for all levels of cricket. Supplied as set of 6 stumps and 4 bails with a carry.

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    Used for training or backyard cricket. Ideal for wet conditions or transporting around due to lightweight material.

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    Always a good idea to keep spare spikes in your coaching kit for your FUSION stumps. The FUSION spike is made from strong fibreglass material to make it more durable for harder grounds. The impact-resistant material reduces the chances of damage during fielding practice where the base may be exposed to multiple hits over a long season of practice.


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    Original price was: RM10.00.Current price is: RM9.00.

    A spare set of 4 wooden bails for stumps in case of damage or loss. Something all groundsmen and umpires should have readily available.