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    Extremely accurate 2-wheel machine with speed range from 50km to 130km per hour. Ideal for clubs, schools and associations that are serious about cricket development. Can deliver a full range of deliveries which include swing, spin and straight. Can be plugged into mains or connected to a 12v car battery for remote use. Lightweight design with “clip-on” legs allows for easy setup and mobility.

    • Speed Range 50kmh – 130kmh
    • “Clip-On” Legs Allows For Height Adjustment
    • Power Source 220v DC  OR  12V Battery for Remote Use
    • Lightweight Design (25kg) Makes Mobility Easy
    • Can Deliver Swing & Spin with Adjustment
    • To Be Used with 9″ Dimple Balls
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    Made from high-quality coconut fibre for outdoor use on grass/sandy areas. Long-lasting solid cricket matting which can be rolled away after use and is ideal for multip-purpose grounds.
    Standard size – 66′ x 8′ only !

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    Net supplied with polls

    Size : 24′ x 10′ x 9′

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    The rebounder is designed to test and improve your catching skills.  This is a great versatile tool that every coach and coaching clinic should have to enable players from every level to sharpen their reflexes and improve their skills. Can be used both indoors and outdoors for close catching and WK training. Also great for backyard fun with the whole family.

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    Portable Scoreboard for clubs & schools. Easy foldaway design to fit into your car. Lightweight with carry case for practicality. Overall dimensions approx. 47″ x 16″.

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    The original and best catching practice device. Used by some of the best cricket players and coaches in the world.

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    A special bag designed for coaches with specific compartments for all your coaching essentials. Easily transport your coaching kit to and from each training session with this durable compact wheelie bag. Each bag can easily store, Cricket Balls, Fusion Stump, Katchet Board, Saucer Cones, Agility Ladder, Middling Bat, Cathers Mitt, Coaching Bat, and much more…
    Fully padded and fitted with 3 tractor wheels & telescopic handle.

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    Used by coaches during fielding drills to catch throws with one hand allowing the use of a catch bat in the other hand. Made from 100% cowhide leather with extra padding to protect hand.

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    The KatchMax sits on top of your Katchet, meshing with its grooves, and providing a slim-line product for additional options and experiences to help all cricketers have fun and improve their skills in more varied and match specific ways.

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    This FUSION stump is the most versatile, reliable and technologically advanced training stump available. Brilliant for fielding & wicket-keeping drills, match day warm up and slips practice. As used by most international team worldwide.

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    A beautiful collection of kit for the young junior cricketer. Designed for 6-8 year olds.

    Each kit consists of the following :

    • 1 x Soft Ball Bat
    • 1 x Batting Glove
    • 1 x Batting Pads
    • 1 x Tennis Ball

    All packed into a beautiful small duffle bag.


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    The RoboArm is a ball-throwing aid for batting and fielding practice that can simulate speeds up to 160kmh. This innovative design has a tiltable cup that helps adjust the angle of delivery without having to change your throwing action.  It is a fantastic tool used by many coaches in place of a bowling machine to throw down hundreds of balls in quick time without injury or wearing out your shoulder.

    Random Colour Option.


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    This Pop-Up Cricket Fielding Net is ideal for keeping stray cricket balls close by during target fielding drills. Measuring 6ft x 4ft these lightweight cricket nets are 100% portable and can be assembled in seconds thanks to their innovative ‘pop-up’ design. Sold individually, these nets also feature a built-in stump flap for target practice which can easily be folded away if not required. Also supplied with high-quality ground pegs and a heavy-duty carry bag for simple storage & portability.

    • Ideal For Cricket Fielding Drills
    • Lightweight Cricket Nets are 100% portable & offer simple storage
    • Innovative ‘Pop-Up’ design allows nets to be assembled in seconds
    • Cricket nets are 6ft wide & 4 ft high – perfect for placing behind training stumps
    • Built-in target STUMP flap eradicates the need for a physical stump
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    High density foam on the face of the blade catapults the ball at speed making it much easier for catching practice.  A must for all coaches during fielding drills.

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    The FUSION shorty has been introduced due to popular demand. Measuring just 14″ in height, this stump is perfect for focusing bowlers & fielders at the base of the stump. Made from the same flexible material as the traditional FUSION stump which has a bolted spike at the base for easy use on outdoor grass fields.

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    The narrow blade helps focus the eyes and mind to watch the ball onto the middle of the cricket bat. Players will tend to play more with a straighter blade and watch the ball more closely in order no make better contact. This tightens up technique and improves hand-eye coordination immensely.  Raise your game and improve your batting skill by using this tool in the nets for a few minutes every day before batting with a regular bat.

    This technique bat is a must for any kit bag and cricket coach.

    • Half the width of a normal bat
    • Assist with batting skills
    • Ideal for developing hand-eye coordination
    • Size – SH
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    This is a junior cricket set aimed at beginners who are just being introduced to the game. A great way to start playing cricket anywhere. Made from heavy-duty plastic for extra durability and all-weather use. Great for backward cricket or on the beach. Each set contains :

    1 x Cricket Bat – size 4
    1 x Set of Stumps
    1 x PU Ball
    1 x Carry Bag

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    The SpeedArm is a smaller & simpler version of the RoboArm yet able to generate speeds of up to 130kmh. Designed for easier usage with a fixed cup and a shorter arm for simple repetitive drills. Suitable for junior and social cricket where players need a throwing aid that is easy to handle but can still deliver a good pace.

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    Stackable soft cones suitable for most sports. Available in a set of 50pcs in multiple colours and comes ready in a bag with hanger.

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    Soothe your tight and fatigued muscles after a long day on the field. This EVA foam roller is a great way to self-rehabilitate your tired body after a workout. It can be used to stabilize core muscles, prevent injury, rehab and enhance balance, flexibility and also to increase range of motion. This will benefit anyone from professional athletes, and coaches to people at all levels of fitness.

    This is used as a self-massage tool for athletes.


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    Improve your agility with this 6 meter ladder. Used in many sports including cricket to improve a player’s speed and footwork by incorporating various drills during a training session. Can be used by a single player or a whole group for team activity.

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    Overweight (approx. 350-550 grams) cricket balls designed as a training aid to help improve batting & bowling drills.


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    Our ball bag is made from heavy-duty fabric & carry straps which can accommodate up to 36pcs of cricket balls.  Ideal for coaches and players who need to carry loads of balls to a training session.