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    The Kookaburra Pro Guard is a combination thigh and inner thigh guard featuring elite player protection and additional hip coverage.

    • Elite level protection
    • Thigh and inner thigh combo guard
    • Ultra HD Foram with reinforcement
    • Adjustable components
    • Anti-Bacterial airflow mesh
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    Made from premium polyester.
    Constructed from micro weight UHDF with polycarbonate reinforcement.
    Fully adjustable components and elasticated straps provide custom-fit protection.
    Used by top international players.
    Soft absorbent polyester back.
    Premium quality elastic waist and thigh straps.

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    A comprehensive thigh pad combination set complete with a hip bone protector and covered with a luxury PU finish.

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    The KNIGHT armour thigh pad is a premium wrap-around torso protective system. It is designed to be flexible, allowing batters to move freely while at the crease. Dual armour plates on each pad provides ultimate protection against extreme pace. A Lycra covering ensures a breathable, cool comfy experience in the heat of battle.

    • Top-level protection
    • Full adjustable armour plates on both legs
    • Pre-curved wrap-around design for maximum comfort
    • Premium Lycra covering for a cool, breathable finish.
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    A dual thigh protection guard system incorporating High Density foam covered with durable PU fabric for a more premium look.

    • Sculptured easy wrap around fit
    • HD foam for better protection
    • Fiber sheet overlay
    • Comfortable straps
    • Made for safety & comfort

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    Innovative new COMBO protection system offering customised adjustment of thigh and inner thigh guard. Fully adjustable components offering custom fitted protection.

    • Premier level protection
    • Thigh and inner thigh combo guard
    • Ultra HD Foam
    • Adjustable components
    • Anti-Bacterial airflow mesh
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    Our top selling combo thigh pad protective system is manufactured from a combination of microweight HDF, covered with a PE sheet for additional protection and finally wrapped in a premium PU fabric. It has the right balance of weight, bulk and protection that has enabled this to be so successful all these years. Amazing value !

    • Microweight MDF construction
    • PE sheet overlay
    • PU fabric covered
    • Comfortable easy fit
    • Hugely popular design
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    A simple single sided thigh pad ideal for club and social league cricket.

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    Made from premium quality lightweight low density foam. Preshaped in linen casing with premium quality fabric. Solid thermoplastic polyurethane insert in front for added protection.

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    Constructed with lightweight HDF, this sigle-sided thigh guard features a multi-flex moulded protection for the perfect wrap-around fit and comfort.
    • Lightweight HDF
    • Multi flex panel construction
    • Towel backing with soft-fill foam
    • Asymmetrical design
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    A lightweight thigh pad designed for beginners and those staring out at cricket. Ambidextrous shape allows both RH & LH batters to easily share this making it a popular item in team kit bags.

    • Lightweight design
    • Premium soft cotton wrapped
    • Ambidextrous shape
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    Made from premium quality high density foam, pre-shaped in high quality PU. Solid thermoplastic polyurethane insert in front for added protection. To be used together with any single sided thigh pad.