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    This is a top of the range SG cricket bat made in G1+ English Willow. Each bat is handcrafted in a unique player profile to maximize weigh distribution and enhance pick-up. Lots of grains with little or no blemish makes this a popular choice with top players.

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    Our highest range Kasel branded cricket bat used by many International players around the globe. Made from premium Grade 1+ English Willow to meet the high demand and standards required by professionals. Each bat is specially selected and graded to ensure its quality.

    • Grade 1+ English Willow
    • 8+ grains
    • Higher middle for better pick-up
    • Oval handle
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    The Sunny Tonny is an Iconic model that has been around for decades and used by many top internationals. This bat is beautifully manufactured from selected G1/G2 English Willow offering exceptional value and performance for the top player. Even distribution of weight throughout the blade allows for a nice comfortable pick-up.

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    A large personal kit bag for the professional player who is on the road a lot. Lots of space for a full set of kit with a split layer design for better organization of equipment. Fully padded to keep everything safe. External bat compartment on the side.

    • Split level design with upper layer for clothes or pads
    • Heavy-duty 600D & 1680 D fabric
    • ¬†External bat pocket along side
    • Large tractor wheels with stand for better ground clearance
    • Ideal for Professional Cricketers.

    Size: (L) 95 cm x (W) 41 cm x (H) 40 cm

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    The KNIGHT batting pads are a high-performance product developed for cricketers playing at the top level of the game. These pads provide an incredible level of protection, comfort and flexibility. The rounded lightweight high-density foam bolsters reinforced with cane rods offer unparalleled protection on the front of the pad without any bulk or added weight. This pad includes a Gel-Zone on the knee socket to ensure the batter has a softer impact when hit from the front.  A quilted top hat with embossed logos and super soft vertical shin bolsters makes this pad unrivalled. Only the best materials are used in the production to ensure you have optimum comfort & protection.

    • Top-level pad
    • Ultra lightweight rounded cane front design
    • Moulded knee socket with Gel Zone for additional protection
    • High-density impact protection with fiber inserts
    • Super Soft internal bolsters for comfort
    • Padded straps for player comfort
    • Quilted top hat with embossed detailing for a premium finish