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    This is a top of the range SG cricket bat made in G1+ English Willow. Each bat is handcrafted in a unique player profile to maximize weigh distribution and enhance pick-up. Lots of grains with little or no blemish makes this a popular choice with top players.

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    the IK Ultimate is a new range introduced by SG and endorsed by young sensation Ishan Kishan. Crafted from G1 willow, these bats have a huge swell and a lot of wood in the hitting area to give you a much bigger sweet spot. Enjoy bating with confidence and clearing the boundary with ease with one of these bats.

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    The Sunny Tonny is an Iconic model that has been around for decades and used by many top internationals. This bat is beautifully manufactured from selected G1/G2 English Willow offering exceptional value and performance for the top player. Even distribution of weight throughout the blade allows for a nice comfortable pick-up.

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    • Fabric-covered lightweight shell with multiple vents for easy airflow
    • Engineering plastic outer shell for optimum protection
    • High-Density EPS inner shell for impact absorption
    • TITANIUM GRILL is specially designed for face & ear protection
    • Shock absorption technology to reduce the impact on the grill
    • Foamed back liner for comfort
    • Longer shape for full head coverage
    • Non-toxic size adjustment straps (SRS) with length adjustment buckles
    • Comfortable chin support along with full face protection
    • Optimum gap between peak and grill ensuring safety
    • Sizes estimation : Medium : 56-58 cm
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    The Quantum 6.0 is a budget English Willow bat manufactured for schools, clubs, and Individuals seeking an English Willow bat at an affordable price.

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    Top quality glove manufactured from premium materials. Imported PU split finger bars with sponge-padded spacer mesh back for better fit and comfort. Extra finger protection reinforced with a thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the first two fingers. Palm made from premium quality soft sheep leather.

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    Made from lightweight polyester comes with a built-in pouch for abdominal guard.

    Available in sizes S, M, L, XL


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