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    This is a top of the range SG cricket bat made in G1+ English Willow. Each bat is handcrafted in a unique player profile to maximize weigh distribution and enhance pick-up. Lots of grains with little or no blemish makes this a popular choice with top players.

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    the IK Ultimate is a new range introduced by SG and endorsed by young sensation Ishan Kishan. Crafted from G1 willow, these bats have a huge swell and a lot of wood in the hitting area to give you a much bigger sweet spot. Enjoy bating with confidence and clearing the boundary with ease with one of these bats.

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    The Sunny Tonny is an Iconic model that has been around for decades and used by many top internationals. This bat is beautifully manufactured from selected G1/G2 English Willow offering exceptional value and performance for the top player. Even distribution of weight throughout the blade allows for a nice comfortable pick-up.

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    New for 2023 with upgraded graphics and decals this bat is stunning both in appearance and performance. A lovely balanced profile that simply feels so good in the hands giving you the confidence to perform. All bats have been partially “knocked-in” and have a scuff sheet prefitted greatly reducing the time you need to prepare this bat for match use. Amazing ping !

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    Top of the line G1 bat with amazing performance. A lovely profile with a beautiful grain structure and clean face make this a hot favourite.

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    • Fabric-covered lightweight shell with multiple vents for easy airflow
    • Engineering plastic outer shell for optimum protection
    • High-Density EPS inner shell for impact absorption
    • TITANIUM GRILL is specially designed for face & ear protection
    • Shock absorption technology to reduce the impact on the grill
    • Foamed back liner for comfort
    • Longer shape for full head coverage
    • Non-toxic size adjustment straps (SRS) with length adjustment buckles
    • Comfortable chin support along with full face protection
    • Optimum gap between peak and grill ensuring safety
    • Sizes estimation : Medium : 56-58 cm
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    A very popular bat among young talent. This excellent bat is made from G2 English Willow and is ideal for the junior player. Typical SG profile with alight pick-up and feel to go with the amazing performance.

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    The Sunny Tonny Icon combines retro style with stunning new craftsmanship. A truly beautiful bat with an excellent profile and pick-up that has been very popular off late. Pressed to perfection for ultimate performance.

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    Popular mid-range English Willow bat for youngsters transitioning from junior to senior cricket. Excellent performance and great value.

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    The Sunny Tonny Tripple Crown combines retro style with stunning new craftsmanship. A truly beautiful bat with an excellent profile and pick-up that has been very popular off late. Pressed to perfection for ultimate performance.

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    One of our most popular mid-range English Willow bats. Absolutely amazing performance to go with the very affordable price tag. Made from specially selected English Willow, each bat is picked and graded purely on performance. Very minor cosmetic blemish may be present however, the rebound will be stunning. Made and finished in the same high standards as all our Kasel bats. A higher middle provides a lighter pick-up and feel, while the oval handle allows for better control while striking the ball. Finished with our traditional BATIK labels which reflect the Malaysian heritage. Fibreglass finished for durability.

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    Entry level English Willow bat designed for schools, clubs and social cricket. Fitted with a fibreglass sheet for extra durability.

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    The Quantum 6.0 is a budget English Willow bat manufactured for schools, clubs, and Individuals seeking an English Willow bat at an affordable price.

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    Combining the function and comfort sought by every level of cricket player, the Elite All Rounder is a game changer. This shoe features a full-length F-Cell midsole primed for propulsion as you steal a quick single, take off into your coil at the crease or save the boundary. 3D SkinX technology will deliver durability, stretch and airflow exactly where you need it. With Newbery DuraTurf for superior grip and support, this cricket shoe helps deliver traction to bring out your elite performance.

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    Top quality glove manufactured from premium materials. Imported PU split finger bars with sponge-padded spacer mesh back for better fit and comfort. Extra finger protection reinforced with a thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the first two fingers. Palm made from premium quality soft sheep leather.

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    Size: (L) 95 cm x (W) 35 cm x (H) 32 cm

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    Each bat is made from quality Kashmir Willow and selected for the highest level of performance and durability.
    A well balanced profile designed for young players looking to start the game with an affordable bat.

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    Made from lightweight polyester comes with a built-in pouch for abdominal guard.

    Available in sizes S, M, L, XL


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