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  • The SS LIMITED EDITION is a masterpiece of sheer perfection !
    These bats are made from the best Pro Grade willow with beautiful grains and a nice clean face in a special player profile that allows very light pick-up despite the amount of wood packed into each piece. Every bat has been carefully tested to ensure maximum rebound and responsiveness as preferred by professionals so you can be sure you are getting the best out there.  As endorsed and used by Tim David of Australia.

    Specially handpicked by us at the SS factory from a lot of Player bats !

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    Original price was: RM1,990.00.Current price is: RM1,590.00.

    Made from Top grade Player’s selection of willow. Super thick with a big sweetspot. Even though the bat has a big profile, the pick-up for each bat is unbelievably light which usually indicates it is made from the best willow clefts available. Each bat is made with an extra Bulge for ultimate power-hitting to allow the ball to travel that much further.


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    Budget Kashmir Willow bat is ideal for those under 12 school kids and those learning the game for the first time.