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  • New -14% Off

    Full set of equipment for schools and clubs on a budget. Consist of all essential equipment to get you started. Feel free to contact us if you need to adjust the contents of this package.

    Each Set Contains :

    • 3pcs KG Cavalier Bat (H/Size 6)
    • 4prs KG Cavalier Batting Pads (Youth) (Black)
    • 4prs KG Cavalier Batting Gloves (Youth)
    • 3pcs KG Cavalier Helmet (M/L)
    • 1pr KG Cavalier WK Gloves (Boys)
    • 1pr KG Cavalier WK Pads (Boys) (Black)
    • 4pcs KG Abdo Guard (Womens)
    • 1pc  Team Kit Bag
  • -9% Off

    Ladies Ball-142g Gauge used to test the size and especially the roundness of balls.