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  • Out of Stock
    Original price was: RM1,300.00.Current price is: RM995.00.

    Each Set Contains :

    • 1pc KASEL Blitz Duffle Wheelie Bag
    • 1pr SG Maxxum 5.0 Bat
    • 1pr EM GT 4.0 – Mens (Black)
    • 1pc EM Quantum 5.0 T/Pad – (Mens)
    • 1pc EM Maxxum 5.0  B/Glove  – (Mens)
    • 1pc EM Litevate Abdo Guard  – (Mens)
  • -15% Off
    Original price was: RM575.00.Current price is: RM489.00.

    Each Set Contains :

    • 1pc KASEL Raptor Duffle Bag
    • 1pc EM GT 1.0 Bat – Size 5/6
    • 1pr KG Max B/Glove Boys
    • 1pr EM Quantum 4.0 B/Pad Boys
    • 1pc SG Blazetech – Helmet Size S/M
    • 1pc KG Abdo Guard – Boys
  • Out of Stock
    Original price was: RM534.00.Current price is: RM455.00.

    This Junior Individual Package is designed for young children looking to have their personal kit. Consist of all the essential equipment to get you started.

    Each Set Contains :

    • 1pc KG Cavalier Bat (Size 5/Size 6)
    • 1pr KG Cavalier Batting Pads (Boys) – Black
    • 1pr KG Cavalier Batting Gloves (Boys)
    • 1pc KG Cavalier Helmet (S)
    • 1pc KG Abdo Guard (Boys)
    • 1pc KG Cavalier Duffle Bag