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    The rebounder is designed to test and improve your catching skills.  This is a great versatile tool that every coach and coaching clinic should have to enable players from every level to sharpen their reflexes and improve their skills. Can be used both indoors and outdoors for close catching and WK training. Also great for backyard fun with the whole family.

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    The RoboArm is a ball-throwing aid for batting and fielding practice that can simulate speeds up to 160kmh. This innovative design has a tiltable cup that helps adjust the angle of delivery without having to change your throwing action.  It is a fantastic tool used by many coaches in place of a bowling machine to throw down hundreds of balls in quick time without injury or wearing out your shoulder.

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    The SpeedArm is a smaller & simpler version of the RoboArm yet able to generate speeds of up to 130kmh. Designed for easier usage with a fixed cup and a shorter arm for simple repetitive drills. Suitable for junior and social cricket where players need a throwing aid that is easy to handle but can still deliver a good pace.

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    Our ball bag is made from heavy-duty fabric & carry straps which can accommodate up to 24pcs of cricket balls.  Ideal for coaches and players who need to carry loads of balls to a training session.

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    Designed to replicate an actual leather cricket ball. This hanging ball can be hung from a frame, beam or tree as a tool to help a batsman practice his swing. A must have for any young enthusiastic cricketer.

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    • EM Multi Reflex Ball is twelve-sided high-bounce rubber ball.
    • The reflex ball has high bouncing capacity for all sports training.
    • Multi reflex ball are of premium quality rubber material.
    • Designed for fielding practices to improve reflexes, reaction times and hand-to-eye coordination.
    • Throwing or falling of this multi reflex ball on a hard ground will produce unpredictable bounce direction.
    • Test your reflexes for game of cricket or just for fun using this reflex ball.