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    A top-end batting glove from SG suitable for international cricket. This glove offers the best protection, comfort and flexibility available as only the best premium materials are used.

    • Lightweight High Density (HD) EVA foam padding
    • Non-toxic imported polyurethane (PU) finger rolls
    • Fibre inserts on all chambers for maximum protection
    • Premium original Pittards®  (UK) leather palm.
    • Split thumb for extra-flexibility
    • Sponge-padded spacer mesh for ultimate comfort
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    If you want to raise the bar in performance, style & comfort then surely the KNIGHT is the glove for you. Manufactured using the best materials available, this glove has a unique ergonomic “Shark-Tooth” Split Design made off a special high-density foam that follows the natural flex of your hand and finger joints. Each panel has a fibre-tech insert for additional finger protection. Original English Pittards leather palm provides better durability and sweat management. Premium Hexa PU with embossed logos add a nice finishing touch.

    • Top level glove
    • Shark-tooth split design
    • Fiber-tech inserts on all panels
    • Original English Pittards leather palm
    • Soft fill backing
    • Hexa PU with emboss logos
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    The SF Glitz is predominantly a sausage style glove with extra reinforcements to help them stand up to the demands of quick bowlers. The tri-layer protection of fiber shield, HDF & diffuser foam distributes and absorbs major impact, with the combination of ultra-light high-density foam giving maximum protection with minimum weight sacrifice.

    • Modern sausage design
    • Tri-layer protection
    • Split thumb for extra flexibility
    • 3 piece side bar
    • Soft leather palm



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    Quality finger bars with split fingers and thumb for better fit and comfort. Extra finger protection reinforced with fiber insets in the first two fingers of the lead hand. Idea for club cricket.

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    A mid-range, lightweight glove form SS with multiple split-finger bars on both hands. Reinforced protection on bottom hand and soft sheep palm for comfort and feel.