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    A premium duffle wheelie from Kookaburra in iconic Green 600D Kooka Tuff Polyester fabric.  A large main compartment with multiple smaller pockets including a separate space for a helmet and shoes helps organise your kit. This bag has 3 concealed bat sleeves internally and is fully padded walls to better protect your valuables while travelling. Also features a USB charging port for your mobile device.

    • Kookaburra iconic green tuff polyester fabric
    • Water-resistant properties
    • 3 internal bat sleeves
    • Fully padded walls
    • Cool Zone pouch to keep food/drink fresh
    • USB charging cable

    Size: (L) 96 cm  x (W) 38 cm x (H) 38 cm

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    This is a premium duffle wheelie bag from SS. Manufactured from high-quality 1080D heavy-duty fabric in a beautiful Airpod blue that is simply stunning. This bag is made for the serious player with lots of kit and separate compartments to easily organise your equipment.

    • 1080D Embossed Heavy-Duty Fabric
    • Fully Padded on all sides
    • Contains 4 bat selves (back and side)
    • Heavy-duty tractor wheels with a hardwearing base
    • Separate compartments for helmet, shoes and accessories

    Size: (L) 100 cm x (W) 40 cm x (H) 36 cm

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    This Extra Large soft coffin is a deluxe kit bag built for professionals. This spacious double-decker design has multiple compartments to carefully organise and segregate your kit. Made from strong 1680D fabric, this bag has three external bat caves to store your most valuable kit carefully yet provide fast, easy access when you need it. It also features 3 tractor wheels for better mobility and a telescopic trolley handle for better control while on the go. This is a premium bag engineered for the serious player who is on the go.

    • Huge storage space “coffin” style wheelie bag.
    • Double decker design
    • Full padded on all sides
    • Multiple compartments with 3 bat caves
    • 3 heavy-duty tractor wheels
    • Telescopic trolley

    Size: (L) 100 cm x (W) 48 cm x (H) 45 cm

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    A spacious medium size wheelie kit bag with a large main compartment for all your personal kit. Designed for club players seeking a simple bag to hold all their equipment. Features multiple compartments and pockets for accessories and a telescopic trolley for better mobility.

    • Medium size for suitable for club players
    • Multiple pockets for accessories
    • Large tractor wheels for better durability
    • Telescopic trolley for easy mobility

    Size : (L) 36 cm x (W) 14 cm x 14″

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    Extra large team bag for all your club equipment. Massive storage space with side pockets for smaller accessories. Three wheels for easier mobility when moving around.

    Size: (L) 38″  x (W) 18″ x (H) 18″

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    Extra large team bag for all your club equipment. Massive storage space with side pockets for smaller accessories.


    Size: 38″ (L) x 18″ (W) x 17″ (H)

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    Our ball bag is made from heavy-duty fabric & carry straps which can accommodate up to 24pcs of cricket balls.  Ideal for coaches and players who need to carry loads of balls to a training session.