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    A high-end batting pad with a combination of HD foam and classic cane front protection.  The 3D poly armour knee cup with EVA allows for great flexibility, while the dual-density vapour and diffuser foam keep the pad super light without losing any levels of protection.

    • Traditional light cane front design
    • 3D poly armour knee cup
    • Lightweight construction.
    • Soft cotton + Pu lining for comfort
    • Sculpted wings for maximum side coverage.
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    These moulded pads have been built specifically for players who favour a lighter, slimmer fit. Especially suitable for young kids, women and social players who prefer the additional mobility this pad offers without the bulky feel of a traditional pad. This pad offers great mid-level protection with an ultra-lightweight moulded design. Features a less restricted 2-strap construction for better movement.

    • Ultra-lightweight moulded design
    • Especially suitable for women, children & social players
    • 2-strap construction for better movement