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    The SF Glitz is predominantly a sausage style glove with extra reinforcements to help them stand up to the demands of quick bowlers. The tri-layer protection of fiber shield, HDF & diffuser foam distributes and absorbs major impact, with the combination of ultra-light high-density foam giving maximum protection with minimum weight sacrifice.

    • Modern sausage design
    • Tri-layer protection
    • Split thumb for extra flexibility
    • 3 piece side bar
    • Soft leather palm



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    One of our best seller for the last few years. A beautifully made glove with just the right amount of protection, comfort and flexibility. Multiple Sharktooth splits with reinforcements on each chamber for ultimate player protection. Specially proportioned breaks in the right areas provide amazing comfort and grip. Perforated sheep palm allows for ventilation and sweat absorption during those long innings. Used by all our sponsored players.

    • Best selling glove every year
    • Premium Sharktooth splits with inserts on all panels
    • Ultimate protection & comfort
    • 3 piece sidebar
    • Perforated soft sheep palm
    • Double-sided wristband