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    A top-end batting glove from SG suitable for international cricket. This glove offers the best protection, comfort and flexibility available as only the best premium materials are used.

    • Lightweight High Density (HD) EVA foam padding
    • Non-toxic imported polyurethane (PU) finger rolls
    • Fibre inserts on all chambers for maximum protection
    • Premium original Pittards®  (UK) leather palm.
    • Split thumb for extra-flexibility
    • Sponge-padded spacer mesh for ultimate comfort
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    The Kahuna 1000 glove is made to meet the demands of the dynamic stroke maker with premium comfort at the crease. This glove is a split-finger design with reinforced fibre inserts to enhance protection, while the premium velcro wrist closure helps to reduce the amount of pulling on your shirt.

    • Sheep leather palm with wear patch
    • High Density foam with reinforced fibre inserts
    • Three piece HDF side bar on bottom hand
    • Bevelled foam styling
    • Double sided towelling wristband
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    Top of the range Player grade batting glove by SS. Used by many international players.

    • lightweight Imported Korean PU material
    • plastozote split finger bars for flexibility
    • reinforced finger chambers on entire hand
    • three split thumb for additional comfort and feel
    • original English Pittards leather palm
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    This is a premium Hybrid glove from SS that incorporates a combination of traditional sausage with a modern split-finger design to give you the best of both worlds. Exceptionally comfortable with Test match quality protection & comfort.

    • Premium Hybrid design
    • Fibre inserts on all fingers  for ultimate protection
    • Three split thumb for additional flexibility
    • Superior Indian Pittard leather palm
    • Imported Korean textured PU for a rich finsish
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    The SF Triumph is one of the most premium batting gloves in our range.  This glove features a multi-split interlocking design and a three-section thumb that provides the best flexibility and protection. Each panel consist of a combination of HDF and a fibre shield overlay that provides excellent protection at any level. The palm is made from original English Pittards leather which is known for its supple softness and moisture-wicking properties.

    • Premium top level glove
    • Interlocking design
    • Combination of HDF & fiber overlay for maximum protection
    • 3-split thumb
    • Original English Pittars leather palm
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    Top quality glove manufactured from premium materials. Imported PU split finger bars with sponge-padded spacer mesh back for better fit and comfort. Extra finger protection reinforced with a thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the first two fingers. Palm made from premium quality soft sheep leather.

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    If you want to raise the bar in performance, style & comfort then surely the KNIGHT is the glove for you. Manufactured using the best materials available, this glove has a unique ergonomic “Shark-Tooth” Split Design made off a special high-density foam that follows the natural flex of your hand and finger joints. Each panel has a fibre-tech insert for additional finger protection. Original English Pittards leather palm provides better durability and sweat management. Premium Hexa PU with embossed logos add a nice finishing touch.

    • Top level glove
    • Shark-tooth split design
    • Fiber-tech inserts on all panels
    • Original English Pittards leather palm
    • Soft fill backing
    • Hexa PU with emboss logos
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    The Kahuna 600 batting gloves offers a classic pre-curved finger design with strategic splits which improve flexibility. The tri-layer fibre shield on first two fingers provide additional protection and a split thumb allows for better flexibility.



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    The EM Quantum 2.0 batting glove has a striking cosmetic design and focuses on flexibility and comfort. Made from a combination of imported PU, Hight Density Foam (HDF) and soft premium sheep leather. The multi-sectioned interlocking V-finger design provides additional flexibility without compromising on protection.  A TPU shell and fiber inserts on all panels make this glove one of the best in its category.

    • Interlocking V-finger design
    • TPU shell + fiber inserts on all panels
    • Imported Korean PU
    • Soft sheep leather
    • 3-side bar for flexibility
    • Split thumb
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    The SF Glitz is predominantly a sausage style glove with extra reinforcements to help them stand up to the demands of quick bowlers. The tri-layer protection of fiber shield, HDF & diffuser foam distributes and absorbs major impact, with the combination of ultra-light high-density foam giving maximum protection with minimum weight sacrifice.

    • Modern sausage design
    • Tri-layer protection
    • Split thumb for extra flexibility
    • 3 piece side bar
    • Soft leather palm



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    Quality finger bars with split fingers and thumb for better fit and comfort. Extra finger protection reinforced with fiber insets in the first two fingers of the lead hand. Idea for club cricket.

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    A mid-range, lightweight glove form SS with multiple split-finger bars on both hands. Reinforced protection on bottom hand and soft sheep palm for comfort and feel.

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    One of our best sellers for the last few years. A beautifully made glove with just the right amount of protection, comfort and flexibility. Multiple Sharktooth splits with reinforcement on each chamber for ultimate player protection. Specially proportioned breaks in the right areas provide amazing comfort and grip. Perforated sheep palm allows for ventilation and sweat absorption during those long innings.

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    A classy high end split finger glove from SS. Extremely lightweight and flexible making this one of the best gloves in its range. Additional protection on leading fingers. Soft sheep palm for better comfort and feel.

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    Lightweight HD foam bars with multi split finger design for flexibility and comfort. Soft Fill layer for additional comfort. Great value for money