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    The TON Legend Players Cricket Bat is made from Grade 1 English Willow and offers you a beautiful bat that features a full profile delivering incredible pick-up and sensational maneuverability for all round strokeplay. Each piece is made from hand selected Grade 1 English willow with clean sapood that’s traditionally crafted and pressed to deliver optimum performance. Fitted with a semi-oval handle as preferred by professionals for more control and better transfer of power. Endorsed & used by Jonny Bairstow of England.

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    The Vintage 2.0 is a beautiful Grade 2 English Willow bat expertly crafted to maximise a bigger profile while keeping the weight and balance down for a lighter feel. Comprising mostly from  clean sapwood, this is a beautiful bat at a great price point.

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    This an amazing G2 English Willow bat from SS that will surprise you. The grains and ping on this blade will outdo most other G1’s in the market. Extremely generous grading makes this a very popular bat amongst our customers. Beautiful craftsmanship along with a nice balanced profile gives this bat a really nice feel in your hands.

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    This bat is made from selected G2 willow with a nice balanced profile ideal for individuals wanting a good performing bat that is affordable. Beautiful pick-up and feel.

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    If you haven’t tried butterfly willow yet, this bat will give you a good reason to get over your fears! Regarded as a superior willow in the 1980’s, these type of bats were sought after by top players and leading brands for its performance & durability. Unfortunately, these days butterfly willow is downgraded due to commercial pressure as customers worldwide seek cleaner willow. An amazing bat at a very good price. These bats will surprise you if you if you give them a chance.

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    The SS Vintage 6.0 is made in the same high specification as the other models, but in a lower more affordable English Willow range. Well balanced and thick yet very light and powerful. Fitted with a fiberglass sheet for durability.

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    A budget English Willow bat to meet the needs and demands of a young aspiring player. Light and easy on the hands with clean, natural finish and generous grading.